Bosque De Las Araucarias

Bosque De las Araucarias

The new town development is situated in Mesa de Otay, Tijuana. The 102 hectare irregular site has been
master planned lo accommodate all the services necessary for a self-contained town, including retail
commercial, recreational, religious, educational, and residential uses. Other support uses will include fire
and police departments, a community library, a health club, and a daycare center. When completed in
2005, Bosque de las Araucarias will have a live-work population in excess of 100,000 people
The approach to the development of the new town focuses on a set of urban design strategies, which are
characteristic of traditional town planning principles. The first principle is the pedestrian experience and
the close proximity to all services and activities; this is coupled with engaging, pleasing and relaxing
places for residents and visitors to gather. The second is the framework plan which establishes (1) the
formal hierarchies of structures and their location, (2) the spatial sequences and connections of various
places, and, (3) the distribution of activities and uses throughout the development. Accordingly, Bosque
de las Araucarias can be viewed as a new town possessing significant landmarks and monuments,
important plazas and parks, distinctive neighborhoods and precincts, and varying pedestrian corridors

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Bosque-Site PLan Phase 1
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