There is no substitute for success; California Development & Construction Corporation’s proven international development record gives our clients the confidence that their real estate investments & construction projects will be professionally managed to contribute to their market success.

The company also has extensive experience in the financial, statistical, forecasting, market analysis and feasibility studies fields. These skills are invaluable during the financial planning, pre-development, project costing and securitization of funding phases. Combined with innovative planning and design, CDC Corp insures each transaction is structured as a viable business success.Property management, industrial plant operation, machinery management and transport logistics contribute additional skills that help operate the construction sites efficiently.

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Cornish Residence , Cardif California


Sapphire Blue, Pacific Beach California


Summit, Cardiff California.


Bosque De Las Araucarias, Tijuana Mexico

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Villas Del Mar, Chula Vista California.


Malden, Pacific Beach California